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The Audacity - Part I

I rarely talk openly about my daughter these days.  Why?  Because quite frankly, it's gut wrenching.  Most days, I function just fine, but others start with a morning punch of buried emotion to the gut and an utter meltdown on the floor.  The nights are often sleepless and the alligator tears coupled with ugly crying are something out of the most depressing movie you've ever seen.  Only a few people in my closest circles are even aware of the fact that I no longer have physical custody of her because I keep that part of my life incredibly quiet.  When you think of someone losing custody of their kids, a number of potential causes may come to mind.  Words like addiction, abuse, incarceration,  or neglect  might surface in your head, though these narratives should be examined with love and grace, not judgment and pride.  I've worked professionally with a number of parents who lost parental rights of their children due to the aforementioned reasons and many of the stories are

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