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Hating God

 I heard the words roll off my tongue recently - I hate you God.   I felt no remorse, no shame, only the continuation of pain for which I now blamed Christ.  I sent a close friend of mine a text message asking her for prayer because I knew I desperately needed it.  Why would I lead anyone to follow Jesus, I asked her in the text.  This life of faith is one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  The highs may be high, but these lows.  Man.  I just can't do it anymore, I spoke through tears.  I felt abandoned by the One who is supposed to love me most, know me best, and lead me through.  I perceived nothing of His presence and the sense of separation was gut wrenching.  I likened God to an omniscient, omnipresent, and all powerful parent, the kind who couldn't fail me the way I know I've at times failed my own children.  Yet, in this moment, I felt He had failed me.  I looked around and saw nothing but wreckage.  My own responsibility and choices in the matter weren't lo

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