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Hard to Breathe

 If you've ever wondered why you're here and what you're supposed to accomplish, pull up a chair.  Kick your feet up and let's have a cup of virtual jo together while I write and you read.  Not just the revelations  and spiritual highs, though.  I don't want to write about those.  They're great and poignant and encouraging, but let's explore those muddy lows.  The uncontrollable tears running down your face as you ugly cry and your very existence on this planet just hurts. The gut wrenching moments of wandering and directionless philosophizing.  The not-so romantic parts of life when absolutely none of it makes sense, you've lost the will to keep searching (Matthew 7:7-8), and cold isolation from the world around you is all that remains.  Maroon 5 lyrics take on personal and literal meaning as you gasp for your own breath.  You scramble for the nearest prescription bottle of pain pills or sleep aids.  Are there even enough in the container to do the job

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