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The Sum of Things

Have you ever engaged in conversation with someone who held diametrically opposed views from your own of people, circumstances, or overall life philosophies?  In this day and age, I'm certain we all have at least once.  I have, and what I'm learning in these situations is this - silence really is an amazing response.  We truly can agree to disagree and practice the pause before hitting the play button of our own voice.  I appreciate the melodious sounds coming from my own vocal cord vibrations as much as you probably enjoy yours, but at the end of the day, I'm not responsible for changing the hearts and minds of man to align with my own values and belief system.  My life is my testimony and your life is your testimony.  Frankly, I hope we all wind up in a great place emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.  Maybe it's my age and work in the mental health field, coupled with the gardening hands of a loving and patient God (John 15:1) but I've reached a space o

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